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5 Diamonds That Were Cut on Jon Ossoff’s Rock Hard Jawline

Stud and Georgia Senate runoff nominee Jon Ossoff has one of the most iconic jawlines in politics. Left, right, or center, we can all agree that man is just good-lookin’! Some people say it’s his honest and sincere smile, others say it’s his dark and earnest eyes, but we at HornRimmer have concluded that the real market of his beauty is that stone-cold, rock hard, razor-sharp jawline. With some investigation, we found five real-life conflict-free diamonds that were cut on that marble carved, chiseled masterpiece: 

  1. This is a classic, and it shows that Jon knows how to work within established norms to create meaningful change. 

2. This one, cut on election night 2020 is blue, in support of his fellow democratic party. 

3. This one he cut right before the wedding of this much older man in his 50s to this woman in her 20s. So romantic! 

4. These three lil friends he cut to bring people together! Look at him, bringing people together!

5. Finally, look at this beautiful piece, with small precise cut diamonds. He can be flashy, but he knows how to be understated yet elegant.