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How Much Should You Tip When You Eat The Rich?

Are you tired of rich capitalists rigging the system to hoard global wealth? Are you struggling under the juggernaut of late capitalism? Does redistributing the wealth sound better and better every day? It’s time to take a stand and eat the rich, so what are you gonna tip your server, a worker, in this revolutionary act? 

Remember, eating the rich has a cost. Just think of all the people involved in the process of eating the rich! The kidnappers, the cooks, the crime scene cleaners, the restaurant staff! Everyone employed in this process is entitled to a living wage. However, until the wage system is dismantled and rebuilt from the ground up, we have to rely on tips to ensure those who labor earn their fair share.

Anything less than 25% would be bordering on outright Karen-ism! Remember, you’re eating the rich to be in solidarity with the working class, not just because you’re hungry. Pay the bill, add on a nice fat tip, and THEN go ransacking the billionaire’s assets to redistribute among the 99%. 

American billionaires collected over $500 billion during the pandemic! Meanwhile, that $1200 stimulus check you got in May was spent in a flash after that asswipe from the Walmart parking lot rear-ended your car. See the disparity here? We honestly don’t need rich people at all. They’ll be more useful to society as food instead of waiting for trickle-down economics to save us!