Well, Actually

I Just Decided That Jeffrey Epstein Was Probably Murdered

Look, let’s just get it out of the way. I just found out about Jeffrey Epstein and he definitely didn’t kill himself. Jeffrey Epstein was probably murdered. Here’s everything I’ve decided that Jeffrey Epstein’s murder tells us about the government and why his murder was a great thing for everyone.

First a little background, Jeffrey Epstein was a billionaire pedophile with friends in high places. There are pictures of him with Donald Trump, Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, if you’re famous and in power, you probably knew Jeffrey Epstein. Well besides Barack Obama, that deporter-in-chief is a saint. He was arrested and while waiting for his trial “committed suicide” by hanging himself in his jail cell. He was so murdered. 

Someone shady definitely murdered Jeffrey Epstein. I don’t know if it was the government, the CIA, the Russians, or the Royal Family in the UK who all were implicated in the disgusting abuse, but it was definitely someone.