4 Signs Your Roommate Might be a Murder Hornet

The latest misfortune to befall 2020 is the Murder Hornet. They’re big, they’re scary, and your roommate might be one of them. 

Below are four full proof signs to look out for to help you figure out if you should buzz the fuck out of there! 

  1. They look like they’re plotting your murder every second. It might just be their resting bitch face or their death stare. If you lock eyes with them, it feels like they’re staring into your soul and stinging their venom into it. Big yikes. 
  1. At the blink of an eye, they become territorial and angry. Once you found your personal jar of honey in the unlocked safe in their room. You still don’t know why they stole your honey, and when you confronted them they got mad. 
  1. They spout anti-honeybee rhetoric all the time. When they first moved in, they told you how much they hate honeybees. When that whole thing happened with all those bees dying en masse, they said they were a fan of it. Damn, they don’t sugarcoat anything!
  1. In fact, the other day you found a dismembered honeybee in the basement. Its body was mercilessly ripped to shreds, like WTF. You know it was your honeybee hating roommate, who is most definitely a murder hornet. Watch out!